Heat Seal Bowls

This line of heat seal bowls offer outstanding performance under high temperature and high pressure conditions of retort sterilizers. Our processing technology creates an ultra flat flange for a consistent, reliable seal.

  • Standard 307, 401 and 503 diameter bowls
  • Seal with barrier film or aluminum foil lid stock
  • Various oxygen barrier levels available

Compare Heat Seal Bowls

6 oz

307 Retort Bowl

3.45 x 2.10 in / 88 x 53 mm

Measured Brimful Capacity
6.8 fl oz / 200 ml

Market Segments
Baby, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Vegetables, Pasta, Pet Food

10.5 oz

401 Retort Bowl

4.05 x 2.33 in / 103 x 59 mm

Measured Brimful Capacity
11.0 fl oz / 436 ml

Market Segments
Diet, Pasta, Meat/Fish, Soup

14.5 oz

401 Retort Bowl

4.05 x 3.02 in / 103 x 77 mm

Measured Brimful Capacity
14.7 fl oz / 436 ml

Market Segments
Diet, Pasta, Soup

16 oz

502 Retort Bowl

5.12 x 2.36 in / 130 x 60 mm

Measured Brimful Capacity
16.1 fl oz / 477 ml

Market Segments
Fruit/Vegetables, Pasta, Soup

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