About Us

Silgan Plastic Food Containers is part of Silgan Holdings, one of the largest food packaging companies in the world. We are the world’s leading supplier of high-barrier plastic packaging for long shelf-life, ambient, microwaveable, convenience foods. We have a large presence in the U.S. market and export to countries around the globe. Our customer base includes companies such as Campbell’s, Conagra, General Mills, Hormel, Kellogg, Mars, Nestle, Rich Products and more. We have helped our clients reach a new generation of customers with innovative, convenience food packaging.

Our production technology offers our customers several technical and commercial advantages.

These include the ability to close our containers with easy-open or easy-peel metal ends, on conventional canning lines and at similar speeds. We are also experts in heat sealing, working with many different machine suppliers to satisfy the needs and expectations of the customer and ultimately the consumer.

Our in-line, closed-loop manufacturing process, produces a precision flange (for double seaming or heat sealing) with stress-free parts and enhanced material distribution, greatly improving shelf-life performance.

We have a range of stock bowls and trays.

Silgan Plastic Food Containers also offer a design facility from our manufacturing facility near St. Louis, MO, USA. We also have a high level of technical knowledge and expertise in high-speed filling and food processing lines and offer full local technical support. Our main markets are pet foods, ready-meals, soups, cereals, baby foods and our containers are capable of being processed in conventional retorts (with counter-pressure), withstanding sterilization temperatures of up to 130-degree C.

We have the talent, experience, and most importantly the desire to create a package that meets your needs on time and on budget. Challenge us. You’ll like the results.